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Lynx Fishing are a company out of the UK that specialise in the design and manufacture of wire and rigs for salt and freshwater. They are in the process of releasing a new tool based on their patented technology called “Precision Compression Technology” which is a unique, effective and incredibly strong method for joining your line to terminal tackle via a custom steel tube that is compressed in the tool. The join eliminates knots and crimps that are often a weak point on the rig, providing 100% join strength. There is no heat, glue or line compression involved. What is this sorcery we speak of? Well, we don’t know! Lynx Fishing are very hush hush about their technology (and rightly so!) as it looks to change the fishing scene. We aren’t sure when their tool will be released here in Australia, but it should hopefully be this coming Winter.

Price: $TBA

Have a squiz at their website here to learn about the technology and see their rigs. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Here is the company’s founder and MD talking about the technology and tool:



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